USA - the United States of America

Country: the United States of America is, as the name indicates, a Union or Federation of States in the continent of North America. The capital city is Washington, D. C. At present, there are 50 States plus the District of Columbia included in the Union.

America was colonised from the 16th century by Spain, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Russia. The history of the independent Union goes back to 1776 when the USA declared their independence. It is worthy of note that before that the numerous tribes of native American Indians occupied the area.

The land area of the contiguous United States is approximately 1.9 billion acres. Here are living 307,212,123 people (2009). The majority of Americans (76%) identify themselves as Christians. Non-Christian religions (including Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism), collectively make up about 4% to 5% of the adult population. Another 15% of the adult population identifies as having no religious belief or no religious affiliation.


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Decorah - Grace Episcopal Church Tetragrammaton
Montpelier - Statue Ethan Allan Jehovah
New Orleans - Saint Louis Cathedral Tetragrammaton
New York - St. Paul's chapel Tetragrammaton
New York - Trinity Church Tetragrammaton
Saint Louis - Basilica of St. Louis Tetragrammaton
Salt Lake City - Church Museum of History Tetragrammaton
Santa Fe - Saint Francis Cathedral Basilica Tetragrammaton
Savannah - Independent Presbyterian Church Jehovae



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